Terms of Service
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* Service

-Conversion-Focused Website Design

-Ability To Process Online Payments

-Booking System

-Fully Responsive Website Development


-6 Months of Maintenance Support Including Monthly Backup

-Website Copy

-On-Page SEO

-Mobile-optimized Website

-Virutal Tour

Total amount - P45,000

(Additional Plugins, Hosting & Domains are not yet included)


-We will be available to start working on the project as soon as you will accept and sign this proposal, and we can get it online within 2-3 weeks.

*The completion date is under the assumption that I get approval for the proposal in the upcoming days. If it takes longer to approve, new dates need to be confirmed.


The payment structure will be:

1.50% upfront, and 50% after you have approved the
final design. Payment is accepted via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

2. All design elements needed to complete the work, including but not limited to fonts, stock images, and
existing branding elements are the financial responsibility
of the client, who will retain the right to use them.

[This agreement does not include logo design. Logos must be
provided by the client.]

3.Any requested work outside the scope of this document
will be subject to additional charge depending on the
complexity. (e.g. extra revisions, extra design mockups,
last-minute changes).

4.The developer will only begin the business day count
after the client has submitted all resources, such as
design elements and brand information.

5.Usage rights: After the work is completed and payment
has been received, the client will own the rights to the

6.In case of project cancellation after the work has
started, the client will pay for the relative part of work.
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